For All New Dog Owners

Owning a Dog

Owning a Dog

Have you just added a new member to your family? You want to make sure that your puppy is given the best life possible, especially when trying to relieve themselves! The Bullseye Pee Pad will make the stress of potty training your animal SO much easier for you and your puppy! They’ll hit the absorbing target every time!

Since the Bullseye Pee pad takes care of potty training your animal, here’s a video that will help you with other responsibilities that come with owning a cute dog. Have fun :)

Daily Puppy!

Puppy Holiday Pics

Puppy Holiday Pics

Happy Monday to all our fellow dog lovers! Here at Bullseye Pee Pad, we love dogs and want to share our love with everyone. One way we like to show our love is by sharing other puppy and dog blogs to help spread the love! Here’s one of our favorite: the Daily Puppy. Check out this cute post of dogs holiday photos :) They will surely brighten up your week, just as Bullseye Pee Pads will!

Training Tips For New Puppy Owners


The first time you bring home a puppy you are so excited and just want to play! But it’s important that training your new dog begins as soon as possible, to ensure good manners throughout their life. has put together a list of essential training points to start with your pup.  Click the link here to learn about them more in depth.

1. Prevent jumping up from the beginning.

2. Start loose-leash walking as a pup.

3. Train against resource guarding.

4. Give your puppy time alone.

5. Be careful what tricks you teach first.

Early training is the best thing you can do for yourself and your dog.  Whether at home or outside, a well-behaved dog is appreciated by all!

How to Puppy Proof Your Home

puppy proof home

puppy proof home

Getting a new puppy is a big decision for a household.  Many do not realize how much work it can be, and also the many areas that a puppy can roam throughout the house. When you get a puppy, it is important to take some of the same precautions in your home as you would a child.  You want to make sure that the puppy does not get into any trouble, and that your new shoes stay looking new instead of chewed. has put together 10 Ways To Puppy Proof Your Home, so that you can avoid some of the not so fun parts of raising a pup.  Read more about these tips to puppy proof your home here.

  1. Lock up your food.
  2.  Separate your dog’s meds from your own meds.
  3. Install locks on cabinets.
  4. Keep your purse out of your dog’s reach. There’s probably poison in there.
  5. Put the toilet lid down
  6. Keep a lid on your trash can or store it away.
  7. Forget about mouse/rat poison and pesticides.
  8. Make the garage a dog-free zone. There’s probably poison in there.
  9. Check your plants. Dump the toxic ones.
  10. Sweep or vacuum regularly.